Thursday, January 6, 2011

We're all going on a summer holiday

Okay, call me mad, but in 3 days we are packing up the 3 kids and my in-laws and doing a road trip to Melbourne.  I am actually looking forward to it, I am going to a session of the Australian Open and going to do lots of fun things with the kids like catching trams, going to the zoo and the aquarium and just soaking up the distinctive Melbourne vibe.  I have been to Melbourne quite a number of times already, mainly flying visits for work, but I did travel there for a week of pleasure back in 1998 when I last attended the Australian Open.  It was an awesome week, although I do admit, by the end of it, my friend and I were heartily sick of each other...thankfully, years later, we're still the best of friends!

My husband and kids have never been there and I think they will love it.  Melbourne is one of those places I think I could relocate to without too much heartache (Brisbane also makes that list - it's a short one!).  It is old and fun and sporty and funky and modern all at the same time.  I love the hidden cafes and bars in the little laneways and the cobblestones, and, most importantly, the fact it's nothing like Sydney (which is a great place to visit but I would never, ever consider living there!)  We have rented a house in Elwood and I'm looking forward to easy visits into the city when the urge takes us as well as lazy days just hanging around St Kilda.  Sure we have to travel 2 full days to get there in a car with 3 kids but I am sure (fingers crossed!!!) that the trip will be more than worth the pain of listening to the same kids' CDs over and over and over again...

What about the other mad part of this scheme, I hear you ask, the fact we are going to voluntarily spend 2 weeks with the in-laws?  Sorry to disappoint those who love family fireworks, but I actually get on really well with my husband's parents and look forward to spending some quality time with them.  I can't deny I'm also looking forward to some rare alone time with my husband, something my in-laws have also promised to give us at times during our stay.  But I am genuinely looking forward to spending a rare family holiday with people that I really love and respect - and hopefully the mutual regard we have for one another will survive 2 weeks at close quarters...

My plan is to continue blogging while I'm away - it has actually been quite therapeutic for me so far.  Yes, there has been the stress of hitting on a suitable topic, the strain of formulating the right wording and the challenge of finding the time to gather my thoughts and actually write.  But I have really enjoyed the opportunity to think for myself and write about whatever takes my fancy.  Some would say the next step is to actually let people know that my blog exists and see whether anybody is interested in my random thoughts.  Hell, my husband doesn't even know that I have started a blog!  I'm still pretty self conscious about it all and to be honest it truly doesn't matter to me whether anyone ever reads what I write here.  I am just proud I have started and I really hope that I can, until next time....see ya!

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